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Executive Director: Erin

Erin's characters include many of the high ranking individuals in the Kartuiin Sector, including Admiral Indiana Bridger and Governors Tegan Dargan and Wil Scarlett. She is also the creator of the Kartuiin Sector and a founding member of the Aurora Force.

Assistant Executive Director: Wes

Among the various characters credited to Wes are Carlos Delong and the other Guardians and the men and women of the GDF. Golgan III is his creation, as is the Guardian Order. He has been with the Aurora Force since its first months.

Special Assistant to the Exectuive Director: Ed

Ed is the brain behind much of Aurora Force's navy, the AFFC and the force behind characters such as Derik and Cay Bel Iblis and Robert "Tempest" Drake of Tempest Command. He is also the creator of the mysterious Auyn Order. He joined the Aurora Force in its first year.

Administrative Director: Stace

Janet Skyy and the Wylers are among Stace's creations, as well as isolated Atad, Janet's homeworld and the adopted homeworld of her husband, Mark. Stace has been with the Aurora Force for several years and was a veteran of the Katarn Commandos before that.

Marketing Director: Trevor

Trevor is responsible for Trosa Aldair as well as Tigress Squad. He was among the earliest members to come out of the now-defuct Aurora Force Academy.

Art Director: Josh

Jinx Katarn was a legend well before Aurora Force came into being, and the brain behind the character is none other than Josh, who is also a talented arist. Josh was a member of the unit that eventually spawned the Aurora Force, the Katarn Commandos.

Special executive assistants: Jason and Alex

Alexander Kerensky and his chidren are the brainchildren of Jason, who is also responsible for William Canton, among other characters. Jason is among the early members of the Aurora Force.

Our resident holographic entity, Alextravia Grentarii, is Alex's creation. He is also a veteran of the Katarn Commandos.