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This page is designed to give a little bit of insight to the Aurora Force for new and potential recruits.

Story so far

      The Kartuiin Sector fell to the New Republic more than a decade ago; the unit assigned to its liberation from the Empire never left. The Aurora Force has been stationed at Shay Memorial Military Base on Xenen for approximately seventeen years. Many have come and gone in the unit's storied history, which include engagements at Ketaris and a handful of other worlds outside the sector. With the fall of the sector to the New Republic and peace signed with the Imperial Remnant, the men and women serving in the NRM division known as the Aurora Force settled into a life of routine, safeguarding the sector against pirate incursions and running an endless cycle of training exercises to keep dulled edges sharp in case war came again. Despite this, when war came with the Vong, the unit was wholly unprepared and had a target painted on its back since the start.
      The unit was betrayed, though this is not common knowledge. Former executive officer of the unit, Alexander Kerensky, is in the process of being transformed by the Vong into their own tool and has taken up the mantle Demios. His daughter, Natasha, has fled to her father's longtime friends and companions for aid and is currently in the custody of Intelligence agent Karinlyyn Kel-Solan.
      Working with Demios--for better or worse--is a Vong commander named Rupaak Kag. These forces have feinted at Xenen once and were repulsed through nothing short of dumb luck and a miracle in the form of the timely arrival of a handful of ships of the line. Since that battle, there have been smaller skirmishes with the Vong; the entire sector and the nearby allied system of Golgan are on high alert.


Rules and Regulations

  • In the Aurora Force, you will encounter many characters. In light of the fact that this is a cooperative writing organization, there are a few ground rules to keep things running smoothly.
  • There are many characters in the Aurora Force, some of which are the exclusive (or near-exclusive) provenience of their writers who have extensive history and particular quirks of characterization that their creators prefer to preserve. If you would like to use another writer's character in a post, it's generally a good idea to contact them (or at least make your best effort to do so). This applies largely to major characters, regulars and semi-regulars, and some cameos. A few minor characters rate as "free for all." Character listings (still under construction) are located on the Databank.
  • The Force can be a difficult thing to manage in cooperative storylines. When creating a character, we ask that you make a case for yourself to be Force sensitive if you decide you want to be Force sensitive. By no stretch of the imagination are all members of the Aurora Force Jedi or even Force-sensitive individuals. The staff out of necessity limits this to people who can make a good case for their sensitivity backed up by story and history.
  • Superweapons and outlandish technology absolutely must be cleared through a staff member before their appearance. This includes technology from other science fiction settings (which we have on occasion allowed within reason).
  • We do not tolerate "godmoding," nor do we tolerate the maiming, injuring, or otherwise incapacitation of other characters without the permission of the character's primary writer. Additionally, major attacks against worlds, systems, and ships should be cleared to ensure that no one's storylines are completely and irreparably damaged or destroyed.

    Major figures

          A senior agent in New Republic Intelligence identified the Aurora Force as a family rather than a military unit, and in some ways, that is more true than not. Most military officers do not have the luxury--and the peril attendant from--serving closely with blood kin. Additionally, the Aurora Force is unique in that when most officers came to the Aurora Force, they remained with the unit until their retirement or death. The Aurora Force is known to recruit from their own but they are also known to accept recruits from across the sector and the galaxy as a whole.
          Admiral Indiana Bridger has been the commanding officer of the Aurora Force for nearly nineteen years, having assumed the post after the resignation of Torin Qel-Droma, the only other official commander the unit has ever had. She is currently the officer in charge of all New Republic forces assigned to the Kartuiin Sector.
          Governor Tegan Dargan-Cannele is the governor of the Kartuiin Sector and the daughter of the late Imperial governor, Vertil Dargan, and his wife, Serah. A puppet of the Imperial regime in her youth, Tegan won the current governorship on her own merits.
          Colonel Alek Cannele is the chief of Intelligence for the Kartuiin Sector and its environs, designated Sector 27 by Intelligence. He is also Governor Dargan's husband.
          Carlos Delong heads the Golgan Defense Force, the planetary defense forces for Golgan III, an independent world nominally allied with both the New Republic as a whole and the Kartuiin Sector as a member state of the New Republic. Delong is a former executive officer of the Aurora Force.
          Robert Drake, a retired X-wing pilot, heads up an independent intelligence apparatus and communications operation known as Tempest Control. He works closely with the Aurora Force in this endeavor; his operations are based off of Wayfarer Station.

    Think you've got what it takes? Feel free to file an application via e-mail to ATHENSMCLEOD@HOTMAIL.COM. This is largely a formality.